1 & 0's

Together with Rubbish T.C we decided to start a new project melting Paula Berthe’s ambient noise with some techno beat.



The project is named 1 & 0’s, and above is last night improvised live session at Combi bar in Rennes.
Or at least the last third of it.


Hey nice @LyingDalai!
Ça sonne!
May I ask with which instruments and machines are you melting in the session?

Thank you :slight_smile:

My friend was using the AR, OT and a bit of Skulpt.
I was using mostly OT with Empress Reverb on Cue outs, and a little bit of Digitone.
Samples were from field recordings, MM and Eurorack.

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Nice set ! Very diverse.

I had the chance to play twice in Rennes (le chantier / ubu). Always great people there.

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Yes indeed, a city with a high interest for music. Such an exciting place to live in :slight_smile: