100% Prophet 6 & Analog Rytm

Hey all,
Just got a prophet 6. Decided that in exploring sounds (mainly tweaked presets) I’d put this little track together. Drums handled by the Rytm. Used valhalla vintage instead of the prophet verb.
Check it!

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Using the Prophet 6 sequencer? How do you like it?

Great demo … the Prophet 6 sounds very very good

thanks! Yeah I think I’m in love.

I actually only used the arpeggiator for that demo (literally started making that track 5 minutes after I had it out of the box). The sequencer looks awesome though. 64 steps, polyphony. Each preset patch also has a built in sequence which really demonstrates the potential of it. DSI def hit a home run with this one. I still don’t mind menu diving but the immediacy of this thing is fantastic!