12 Digitakt Beats (Videos, just music, no talk)

I love my Digitakt - going back to the basics - friday night beatmaking…

Enjoy these:

Beat 01

Beat 02

Beat 03

Beat 04

Beat 05

Beat 06

Beat 07

Beat 08

Beat 09

Beat 10

Beat 11

Beat 12


Excellent stuff here! That Wu Tang beat was spot on :fire::fire::fire:

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Thanks mate! LOVE WU!

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Here’s a “playlist” link instead:

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Enjoyed these :slight_smile:

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Oh man, thank you!

Wish I had 3 hands so i could tweak some while recording… just order a third hand… camera stand… :wink: Have a great day man!

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Another one:

Just some… I don’t know… but anyway,