2 mono tracks with panning?

At the moment i am the parents house so i have only A4 in front of me, so i cannot try this myself and will do it when i get to my place, but would like to know what you guys think and if anybody tried/would try.

Lets simplify the process:

I have interface that has two mono inputs.
I put one A4 track far left and send that left output to one input.
I do the same for one more A4 track and put it far right.

Can i record those tracks separately to mono inpurs now?

Like two tracks multitracked? Or?

Only if they were both dry sounds. FX has stereo effects that would bleed into both.

Yes, that i was thinking also.
No stereo fx should be applied.
I am askin because i usually run minitaur and phatty trough inputs and record whole A4 output.

Was thinking to record two moogs and now two A4 tracks.
So, if i had a 4 track recorder, i could record 2 A4 tracks and two moogs to those inputs of recorder, right?

I am complicating stuff now, but basically its possible to get two mono tracks outputted from A4?

That woul be awesome for me cause moogs add other two, and i dont need all 4 tracks of A4.

Yeah. Since You’re Only Sequencing Two Tracks you could have them be 4osc unison tracks.