2 months since opening a Support ticket

… still nothing. Other people experiences are similar. It’s about time Elektron does something about this.

That very poor service. You should not have to wait longer than 24hours for a reply.

A nonexistent, rather. I can understand if they have difficulties with repairmen or supplies or whatever, but at least give me some timings and costs in reply to my fucking documented problem!

I have one open since September the 2nd and one from October the 26th. Both are minor bug reports, so the lack of response is not a huge issue for me, but still, it has been a while… :slight_smile:

Well, mine is from 5th Sept about a faulty Machinedrum and I’ve done a detailed description and a screen picture.

Honestly I can’t think of a better way of saying FUCK YOU to loyal customers.

i can totally understand that you are pissed off!
at the same time I am pretty sure, nobody from elektron ready this forum , or really cares about the threads, off course with a F E W , very few exceptions.
maybe you could ask them on their FB page :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe a coincidence, but maybe they do read the forum after all - they’ve finally got back to me today.

Let’s hope it won’t take them another 2 months til the next reply