2 newb questions

Hi Gang,
Great forum, lots of talent / knowledge. I have one problem and one question:

Problem - For the life of me, I can’t get NOTE SLIDE to work. I’ve tried using the [FUNCTION] + [BANK C/G] as well as the quick method of keeping the note trig pressed and press [BANK C/G]. The LEDs indicate that the trig is there, but with no effect. I cranked SLI parameter until my fingers are sore. This has got to be something I’m doing wrong…any ideas?

Question - How do you exit performance mode?

ps running version 1.1C

remember that the note slide is the destination - so prior note needs to be long enough, you don’t need crazy long SLI vals !

The a4 slide is definitely odd. As stated, make sure the previous note length is long enough to reach the Slide Trig. Also keep in mind that the SLI parameter adjust the speed of the slide (as well as BND time).

Example: put a trig on step 1 with a note value of C3. Put a trig on step 4 with a value of C4 and while still holding the trig, enable the slide trig. Then on step 1 make sure the note length is 5 or greater. Step 1 should slide up 1 octave by step 4 with speed depending on SLI value.

Going off of memory at the moment as my a4 is packed up for moving this week, but this should work for you.

Thanks a bunch avantronica and Ihatederekreed. The prior note length proved to be the cause. It’s not reacting quite the way I was expecting, but that’s just lack of experience on my part. What an adventure!

To be honest, I don’t think it reacts the way anybody wants it to. A revised slide implementation has been on he feature request for a long time. It’s not horrible by any means, it’s just not like a 303 which is what I think most people expect. Give it some time and play around a bit and you will figure out how it works. As with most elektrons, you need to bend to its will, and not necessarily the other way around… At least at first.