256 sounds from Nanoloop 2 - sample pack (includes patterns for Model:Samples)

I just released a new sample pack :slight_smile:

I made these sounds using one of my favourite sound design tools, Nanoloop 2 on GBA. It’s surprisingly versatile for a GBA cart! This pack shows how versatile it can be, ranging from soft leads to harsh noise bursts.

As always, purchases are greatly appreciated, as my Gumroad site is my main source of income at the moment :slight_smile:

Demo video:

All patterns in the video are included with the pack :metal:


Happy to splash a surprisingly small amount of cash on these samples… it seems I’m developing quite the collection of Vague Robots samples on the prime real estate that is my Digitakt +drive. That first chord sound in the demo video is worth the entry fee by itself… looking forward to digging into the rest.


thanks for the support :metal:


That is a very nicely curated sample pack.

Thank you !

Time to put something fresh into the OP-Z, Digitakt is getting spoiled too…

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I just picked it up as well. Thank you! I’m really looking forward to the OP-Z kits.

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Thanks guys! I really appreciate the support.

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Oh yeah. The Kick and Perc 2 OP-Z chains are dope. I love FM percussion. I’m going to try using the synth 1 shots as wavetables in Serum.

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