2nd Monomachine

I’ve just scored a 2nd MnM. I bought the original MnM around 10 years ago. Now she has a new mk2 sister. I never knew that the mk2 has more wave machines. Woot woot! Bonus!

I’ve seen great things happen when two MNMs are put together!

I sold my original brother to buy a sister. Kinda makes me sad sometimes, but the sister is definitely an upgrade.

I’m lov’n the slimed down body. Now I can finally go poly with mono accompaniment! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Two Monomachine’s are better than one - I know the from first hand experience :wink:

Now I feel like I’m a part of a elite club. Lol the double mono club.

hmm the thought has crossed my mind. And I keep a look out for second hand but I would really love a + drive

Two Monomachines are great indeed. Also helps exploring routings and using effects.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with two lives, that’d be perfect, one for family/work & all and one spent on music solely :wink: