30 Bassdrums with Implied Pitch/Tonality for the forthcoming Digitakt

Bass drums. Are they pitched or are they not? Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

although some producers approach bassdrums with the idea that any kind of tonality may be used with impunity over any bassdrum sample, this is not always the case.

whether it be intuitively, or frequency/data-based process, producers often relate different tonalities to different bassdrums.

now with chromatic pitching options on the Digitakt, this is going to become a lot of fun.

just thought i would share a few bassdrums that have been put through vacuum tube preamps for warmth enhancement, each one having the main pitch in the file title. enjoy.Bassdrums.zip (3.8 MB)


Thanks for these. I’ll check em out asap. Skipping grabbing DT for now but my OT says ‘thanks for lunch’ :wink:


Yeah my MDUW says Yummi!!! :smiley_cat:



AR loves the taste of a sweetly pitched kick!

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Thanks!! looking forward to loading onto the DT

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just had a jam with a kickass drummer who plays an Alesis digital pad kit, very cool.

might try some of these bassdrums installed on his sound bank, jam along on overdriven bass.

bizarrely, the drummer bought a concert level classical guitar that was confiscated from me nearly two years ago :smiley:


thanks :slight_smile:

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welcome … similar scenario with 30 toms&bongo’s… Skindrums.zip (5.6 MB)


Dude! You are cool! Thanks for sharing!

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most welcome … glad you like.

some producers do not pick up on the pitched vibe of percussion instruments and drums. and in fact, it is quite possible to go about one’s musical business without thinking about pitch. Conversely, it is quite possible to integrate pitch and harmonic knowledge when pitched implied tonality drum sound samples are chosen. There is a world to explore, sometimes subtle, sometimes obvious.

omg pitched hihats, 30 of them … similarly processed for warmth through vacuum tube mastering gear (hardware only)…Hihats.zip (2.4 MB)


I have a fleeting desire to make melodic/harmonic percussions. Thanks for inspiring me on that.

Also thanks for your generosity with samples today!

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get leet and make your beats on fleet street

lol not sure why i wrote that… abstract rhyming.

talking of abstract, pitched drums are more useful for groove creation, than for melody making, although the process of inverting a drum machine to sound like a synth and a synth to sound like a drum machine is truly a valuable area.

but yeh the pitched drum idea is mainly for constructing harmonically congruent kits.

think in terms of 5ths, minor thirds, octaves and flat sevenths

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30 pitched snare drums, pre-processed through vacuum tube hardware …

it would be cool to do some research on how drummers choose to arrange the note tuning of their drums.

Snaredrums.zip (2.2 MB)


thanks for sharing all these! will have to try them on some alternative elektron platforms. :wink:

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let’s be honest, drum tuning never was an exact science. the science of multiple membranes.

To deny to presence of pitched elements is folly, and yet with the pitch ramping up or down, the overtones or undertones, the change in response to pressure location or velocity … yeah, much to be aware of.

talking of imprecise, i dig how this tutorial video on the Bonham sound shares info regarding drum types and general ‘tuning’


talkin of wild drummers, check this out elektropeeps …

20 pitched claps …

(with sound reinforcement preparation via glass tube preamps, not by me)

Claps.zip (1.2 MB)

Thank you for sharing! Going to have a lot of fun with these!

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and last but not least, 15 pitch indicated cymbals, pre-reinforced by playing through glass tube hardware.

Cymbals.zip (7.6 MB)