30 Minute MonoMachine Melody

Might as well just record these things.

Hey PongFu this is an awesome Set, really like it.
Is the Tenori on sequencing the MMM ?

enjoyable listen. Thanks for posting it.

…might as well play these things in front of someone :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
really enjoyed :+1:

gorgeous set, thanks for sharing!

No, the other way around. Tenori-on plays drumsamples.

Monomachine plays drums on 2 tracks too
Fast LFO’s on the pitch and retrig time
Turn up the LPQ and lower filter width
Delay time on 2 or 1, comb filter like
p locks here and there

I love this. Great tunes.

Also helps that the MNM and Eventide Space are my two favorite things in the world right now!

So I can’t google my own monomachine video’s anymore.
What gives?