32nd note trigs not working

ive got all 16 steps playing a hi hat, then on step 14,15,16 i have pressed record to enter step grid mode, held each step down and turned the LEN knob to 32nd for those steps on the TRIG page, but im still not getting 32nd repeats? any ideas?


It doesn’t work like that… you have just adjusted the length of the trigs to 32nds…
you need to put the sequencer in 2x to get 32nd resolution…
or use retrigs to get actual 32nd notes


From my understanding, what you are searching for is “retrigs”, so you go to grid mode, press where you want it to be (buttons 1-16), and while pressing them, press up [^] and you will see the retrig menu. there you can set it as you want.
look here

Thanks guys. Is there a quick way of finding the length of the retrig? I adjusted it but to get it back to 1/4 takes ages trying to dial it in.

Hold the trig then press up… then further up down changes the speed

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