52 min Hardware Techno (OT, A4, TR8, TB3)


cool nice stuff ! like how bangin it is…oo and the acid

Thanks, this is a video version:

Would you mind posting the SC link please ?


Weird, for some reason I couldn’t find you on SC…
And still can’t.

Thank you for the link :+1:

enjoying this with my morning coffee, thanks and well done :+1:

Some great grooves in here!

Hi DL,

i’m new to the OT so i want to ask you some questions.

how do you connect all your devices?
TR-8 -> OT (Input C/D)
TB-3 -> A4 -> OT (Input A/B)

OT works a A/B mixer?

OT works with sample chains as 2nd drum, hithat, FX …?
T1 = ?
T2 = hihat
T3 = hithat/rimshot (loop ?)
T4 = ?
T5 = cymbals
T6 = percussion/FX something ?
T7 = ?
T8 = Master

can you explain a little bit please. i like your sessions and workflow.

Thanks, here is how I connect everything:

A4 -> OT (A/B)
TR-8 -> OT (C/D)
TB-3 -> TR-8 input
OT -> ZOOM recorder (using headphone output)
OT main output -> external mixer and speakers

MIDI chain:
OT master clock -> A4 -> TB-3
TR-8 is not synced by midi. I bit match it with OT.

Now, the Octatrack:
T1 - Flex, sample chain, sub bass / low toms
T2 - Flex, sample chain, hi hats
T3 - In this session I have Static sample chains with percussion loops
T4 - Flex - recorder for (mostly) A4
T5 - Static, sample chains with cymbals (on other sessions I use hits and short samples from other synths)
T6 - Static, lead loops (sample chain) - main sounds
T7 - Static, chain with short samples, I trigger them manually during set
T8 - Master

One important note is I don’t switch patterns on OT, I just fade in/out samples and loops.
For me OT is a performance sampler, not a DAW.
TR-8/TB-3 and percussion tracks on OT are programmed live during a set.


thanks for the quick answer, but two things are not so clear to me.

why don’t you sync the TR-8 with MIDI? do you like it if the beat is a little bit offset?

how do you do this fade in/out and did you do it for each track (T1-T7) ?
Scene A (AMP page knob “F” XVOL to “Min”) - Scene B (AMP page knob “F” XVOL to “Max”).
while the fader is on scene A you change the sample and then you slide back to scene B with the new sample, is this correct?

I don’t sync TR-8 with MIDI by various reasons:

  • In the future I want to create a live setup with 2 independent audio sources and mix with external mixer. This way if something goes bad I can restart a machine, reload a project, etc. without interrupting a music.
  • Not syncing everything gives a more life and human error to the music.
  • I have a DJ background and beat matching don’t bother me at all.

The scenes you described are correct, however I mostly use low pass filter instead of volume level.

interesting way to do and it sounds great :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

I already recorded second live set. This one is more minimal:


i was stupified when it ended. like the music had always been there and then it stopped. i will proceed to replay. thank you.

my favorite so far. lots of good grooves.

really nice and well done!