8BitM8 - Hardware Bit Crusher with Arcade Button

Sounds pretty cool :+1:

from the developer

I’ve just released a bit crusher pedal inspired by the tonal qualities of vintage samplers, MPCs and the love of lo-fi sounds.
It comes hand made in a rugged metal enclosure packed with high quality components which include a genuine arcade button.

hope you like it!



Bit Crusher Pedal



I like the bright colours.
Regardless of my like or dislike of bit crush effects. Those wonky drill holes would drive me insane. For that price I would expect more attention to detail.



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I’m not sure I understand, why arcade button?

Also, my mooer lo-fi machine was £40. I get it, handbuilt and all that but my mooer sounds boss and has been super reliable.
To charge that sort of money, I’d expect something different that sets it apart from other bitcrusher pedals but I’m not seeing much special about it.

Sorry, I know that was super critical, not normally into trashing other people’s hard work. Best of luck to them.