A blast from the past!

Re-released today 14 tracks of electronic dance music recorded between 1992-1995, previously only available on CD but now that the rights have been returned we have put it on Bandcamp, check it out :slight_smile:


Sick, it’s like being teleported back to the 90s
I liked ‘Default’ the best although the use of breaks in ‘Can’t Take It’ almost won me over :slight_smile:

Great album man.

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Very good! I’ll be back for more…

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Thanks very much @shroom and @tIB

A little bit more info about the tracks - all sequencing was done on an Atari ST running either of Notator and Cubase/Cubeat depending on which studio we were at, synths used: Roland SH-101, Jupiter 6, TB-303, Juno 60, Juno 106, MKS-200, TR-909, R8, SH-09, JV-1080, MV-30, MKS-50. Casio FZ1, RZ1, HT700, CZ230s Korg MS10, WS-SR, Monopoly, MR16 Akai S20 EDP Wasp Yamaha DX100, TX81Z Sequential Circuits Pro One, Sixtrak, Drumtraks

Probably some I’m forgetting too, but obviously not all of the gear was used all the time, the tracks were recorded in two different studios using their gear (at the time I did not have hardly any gear of my own) Spare Room studio in Essex, and ASM Studio near the Oval in London. Most of the tracks were written and recorded in a single 8 hour day, sometimes upto 2 or 3 per day, we probably recorded around 40 or 50 tracks in this time period.

The CD was released in 1996 on Inspiral records, an offshoot of Phantasm records.


Reminds me so many things ! Thanks !

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It was a pleasure listening, heck I’d splurge for the album if I’d have an income right now :partying_face:

That is one amazing gear list thank you for sharing the details.