A bug or am I doing something wrong?

So I notice from time to time when I boot up my Analog Rytm, some of the sounds on the current pattern seem different. It’s mostly the toms, the middle row of pads that change sound. I save the kit and the pattern before shutting off the Rytm, but when I open it the next day, something is clearly off. I confirmed this by recording a track last night, listening to it today, and then booting up the Rytm to check the original pattern and alas, a tom sounds different.

Anyone experience this? Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?

How long are you letting it warm up? It’s analog, and as such will not sound ‘right’ until it’s warmed up and everything has reached a steady operating temperature.

Yea, I don’t let it warm up, I just hit play and notice the difference in sound, I’ll check it to see if it’s warm now.

Alright, after letting it warm up, everything sounds normal, hah I didn’t know that about Analog machines, thanks for letting me know!

There’s a moving image (i think it’s a variation of their logo)) next to the current kit’s name. When that disappears you’re ready to go.

Kind of. I believe that icon indicates that samples are being loaded into RAM. When the icon disappears, all the samples are loaded but that does not mean the machine has reached a stable operating temperature.

I guess it depends on how cold the room is. I let it warm up for a few minutes and it seems to be fine, but if I try to play it right away, it doesn’t sound like it should.