A few AR questions

Hey guys I currently own a md as well as octatrack, owned the a4 as well at one point. I notice the octatrack seems to be the only device of these three that really sounds like it has a lot of internal headroom and doesn’t have that tiny kind of cramped sound I associated with electron products; and to give an example on the md I always had to overly hp filter hihats and he a4 I felt like if I had more than 2 sounds going on at once it just got this weird midrange muddiness quite easily.

Anyways I’ve only use the rytm in stores but I was wondering how it sounds to you guys in comparison? Since getting the octatrack I’ve been thinking of selling my mduw, but I’ve always wondered about the rytm? Also is the rytm’s sample loading from a computer as slow as the md’s? Cause again once I started with the octa and could load 50 samples in 20 seconds it’s hard to go back to the md.