A good set of base Samples

Hi all,

I’ve been downloading sample packs from left right and center. Starting my process with selecting a few kicks, snares etc.

Now I was looking at the 2323 pack but noticed that samplesfrommars has their entire library for sale Now for 40$.

Wondering what’s the difference in terms of usability? Are the 2323 samples better optimised? Anyone else experienced with the SamplesFromMars packs either the 2323 one or the big file?

I’m looking for a nice base set that do not take toooo much data.


i have the full SFM pack but bought the 2323 pack to answer this same question out of curiosity and as suspected it is just a very cut down curated version provided in 16bit/48khz

SFM has an “Essential Wav From Mars - 16 bit” pack which is basically like a 2323 on steroids that i dumped onto my DT which if you only want the drums/percussion samples will use less than 300mb and give you significantly larger variety of sounds

long story short… the SFM everything pack is all you need and more

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Samples From Mars are great. There are a lot of them. I mostly actually stick to the 606s, 808s and 909s.

But check out Legowelt, particularly his recent Drum Wizardry Sample Pack – incredibly useable samples: http://www.legowelt.org


IMO @DaveMech makes the most interesting samples… :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

Don’t know if he sells packs but maybe make your own like he does it’s more fun :+1:

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You can also check the Prime Kick, Snare, Hats, and Percussion from

To change from too many heard 808 / 909.


+1 for this pack. Really really good interesting sets. Great value.

Yeah, if I had a Digitakt, would be pretty tempted by the dedicated nature of All Digitakt Packs Bundle - Over 1,000 sounds for Digitakt! — Electronisounds
To have them sorted and ready for use in the Digitakt…

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Yeah, saw that one as well.
Cant decide between the Collection from samplesfrommars and this one but you’re making a great point with the diversity.

I really rate Wave Alchemy’s Drum Tools 2 for a great and massive range of useful samples, and their SYS-100 drums for more aggressive/interesting synth drum sounds (they’re on sale at the moment,too). I have those, plus samples from Mars 808 and 606 packs on my DT, honestly don’t really need any others unless I need acoustic drum samples.