A&H Qu mixer MIDI with iConnect anyone?

Hi Forum!

Did anyone get this to work?

As I need to keep my money with me, I tty to use what I have. So no fancy delay reverb combo with DiN MIDI for me ATM. I own the Qu Pac and an iConnectMIDI4+ and want to have midi sync and transport sent to the Qu Pac to get the internal delay in sync to my other gear.

Setup currently is the
Router at
Qu at, the
iConnectMIDI4+ at and the
Tablet at

I have no clue how to appoach this - the App on the Tablet works fine wirh the Qu, so LAN setup is done.

Can anyone enlighten me?

Thanks in advance,


for anyone else trying this: nope. does not work with midi clock signal. More or less official statement from A&H in their forum.

There is the possibility to send tap tempo information via cryptic witchcrafty NRPN messages and I will get it working somehow waaaay later down the road, but it needs a kind of processor involved, so like a bomebox (why the heck does this wonderfull device only has one DIN socket set??? Should have 4i/o) or a raspi.

project supsended.

Info for those interested:

these are the to be sent NRPNs. Taken from https://www.allen-heath.com/media/Qu_MIDI_Protocol_V1.9.pdf

Unboxed my trusty Lexicon MPX-500 again. More gear involved but hey… is that a bad thing at all? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I never dove into midi control of my qu-pac. It definitely seemed convoluted at best and I’m thankful you did the hard part. Thank you!

Just wrapping my head around the front panel scene buttons was a lot to grasp!

p.s. something changed in my Qu where it now won’t connect to the iPad over the network.

Has this happened to you?

I think somehow I updated the app (which strikes me as odd because I don’t think they’ve updated that for a long time).

I then updated the qu to the most recent find on a&h’s website but still no go


Just make sure they are on the same subnet.
Do you have it on the same router as your home network?
The issues can come from a lot of things, as usual :wink:
Check network cables, dhcp lease time, if on same network try pinging from computer. If that works, the basic config is fine.

Chime in with results and maybe a bit more info on your config, then I can help out eventually.


it’s not on the same network. it runs its own router and connects to its own network.

it “sees” the qu-pac there but fails to connect when i select ‘admin.’ the iPad knows it’s there, but the two will not speak.

…super strange, too, because this thing gigs. it’s gigged for years now, but the last two shows I had to do everything via the front panel. …not so ideal once you’ve used the iPad

Do you have another device to test it with?

I use https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.davidgiga1993.mixingstation.ah_qu on my phone.

Just to verify wether the qu or tablet causes the trouble .