A polished version of Merlin's OT guide here

I’ve decided to (finally) print this guide and also made some cosmetic adjustments, to better align with the mk2 manual style.

I would call this A cosmetic polished version of the polished version of Merlin’s OT guide.
My humble contribution for this community, I believe some of you will enjoy it

Some Thoughts on Elektron’s Octatrack by Merlin.pdf (583.1 KB)

Sorry for not redoing the images to fit the style :zonked:


Really nice thanks!

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Great! It looks good - Thanks for updating it :slight_smile:

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awesome! thanks!

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Wow amazing! Thank you! Time to wipe the dust off from mz OT MK-1. Hope it still works LOL

Fantastic! Just went looking for this. Much appreciated to all involved

New OT user here. Thank you for this! And to Merlin for the original!


Soon to be OT user here.
I am very happy to have found this nicely condensed manual! Already consumed it twice in preparation of the process to come. It is so much less demoralising in comparison to the original OT manual!

Thanks to everyone involved!!!


How much of this is applicable to the new MKII?

All of it. Marks I and II are functionally identical.


Thanks to both of you !! I am coming from Ableton / DAW centric setup and got the OT just a few month and the guide really helps me focus how to organize my performance and how to make it fit all together!

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Many thanks to you and Merlin for this! Just ordered a MKII this morning, so I know what I’ll be doing while I wait for it to arrive :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you for this. Just heard about this guide in the demystifying vid from Red Means Recording and love having a second guide to demystify the official manual.


Couldnt find any information bout that. can it do some portamento stuff live? (No trig slides) would like to play some 808s or other portamento stuff.

I guess you talk about audio tracks ?
(There is a Legato parameter for midi tracks).

No specific parameter for that, I use slides. You can also use an lfo on pitch to mimic it.


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Diving into the OT. About time some might say.

Anyway, what manual reading order is advisable? First official then merlins, or the other way around?

I am very familiar with many other Elektron machines.

I’d say slog through the official and then do Merlin’s.

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I’ve always found what I needed in the official manual. Merlin’s guide is good, but just scratches the surface, in my opinion.

If you’re familiar with elektrons, then you should be off to a good start with the OT. Get a good grasp of the project structure (parts, scenes, etc.) and the rest will follow.


Thanks both. I was able to set up a thru machine for effecting incoming audio without looking at the manual. Now for making a midi sync’ed looper with x-fader action i think I’ll have to dive in though…

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I got my OT yesterday (momentus occasion really - the most satisfying thing I’ve ever stared at on my studio desk, as it’s always been a bucket list item).

I had a tinker around, got frustrated along the way, as expected, got a little groove goingand then it was bed time.

I sat in bed and read the entire of this guide, and have to leave my appreciation. I can’t see how it could be any clearer… I’m sure there will be roadblocks, but what a great reference guide. I feel like i went from ‘‘wtf are parts’’ to fully understanding the concept of parts/the machinea structure in an hour.

Big ups Merlin, and anyone who has been updating!