A settings fileready exists for this sample!

hey guys

lately this message shows up when i want to save sample settings

“A settings fileready exists for this sample! overwrite”?

why is that?

thanks for your help guys!

Because one already does?

The settings file is a seperate file from the sample file.

So when you go to… Sample >> Edit >> File >> Save Sample Settings

It will check if a settings file already exists, if there is no settings file, then it saves the settings file.

If there is a settings file, then it will prompt you with the message “A settings filer eady exists for this sample! overwrite”?

Load a new sample, without a settings file, then save the sample settings. No message, and it saves the settings file.

Save it again straight away and you’ll get the message.

What you’ve actually changed in between in normal usage? Who knows, could be nothing, something, everything.

Hope that helps.

I’ll assume you’ve edited a sample that’s already saved, simply save as new if you’ve made file changes.
This could be anything form normalisation, truncate etc etc.

hey rusty

yes thats clear

but themessage apears also on samples wich i dident used yet.
is it maybe possible that i dont have enough space on my card
or that can just save a certain amouth of sample settings?

because i’m making a livact
with lots of sampels
and i want to make it 16banks long

thx mate!

The settings is file is an ot extension that matches your audio file…

So… ClappyClap.wav has a settings file called ClappyClap.ot

Whether you used these samples in the Project or not is irrelevant, if that file alredy exists.

So, if you copied those, Audio file and Settings file, from somewhere else (another Project), then that is why you have them, regardless of whether you used them in a Project or not.

If you are getting that message and the file does not already exist, then its a bug…

If they just “magically” appeared, then its a bug…

Most likely you just copied them over from something else?

hey sorry for the late respond!

no i opend a copmletly new project with all new samples and i even uploadet new fils to try it out and the message still apeard

all the best


Better late then never.

Might be stating the obvious… smaples in the Audio Pool are shared amongst Projects.

Have you done a snaity check and created a brand new set, with a brand new Project, and added say, 10 audio files to the new Sets Audio Pool.

Can you still replicate the issue?

Maybe not the right place to ask this - but is there any way to have two separate settings files for the same sample?

Like if I had one where I sliced it one way, and then another with the same sample but sliced completely differently? I haven’t been able to find a way to do this and it would be very helpful…

a) Duplicate the sample, so you have two…

  1. ClappyClapSlicedThisWay.wav and ClappyClapSlicedThisWay.ot
  2. ClappyClapSlicedThatWay.wav and ClappyClapSlicedThatWay.ot


b) Manage that process externally…

ClappyClap.wav and

  1. ClappyClapSlicedThisWay.ot
  2. ClappyClapSlicedThatWay.ot

So be default you would have to rename either ClappyClapSlicedThisWay.ot OR ClappyClapSlicedThatWay.ot to ClappyClap.ot to utilise.

My advice would be to utilise option A

i deletet everything hahah i t pissd me off zhanks a lot for your help :slight_smile:

good question :))