A solution to LFO Filter Sweep Woes?

I’m struggling to find a solution to this - so hopefully someone can help me.

I want to use an LFO to control a filter sweep over 8 bars of a global 16 step pattern. The thing is, the track I want to apply the LFO this to is a 7 step pattern (to give syncopated rhythm). I get the desired effect using a HOLD tag condition but this only works some of the time (because the LFO is running free).

Can someone suggest how I can achieve this effect using the LFO? I’m sure it must be doable.

I know I could use the fader but that’s doing something else!



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Can you clarify:

  • do you want the LFO to cycle over a period of 8 “bars” of 16 steps (128 steps) or over some multiple of 7 steps?
  • do you want the LFO to cycle continuously without being influenced by anything else?
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Cant the slide make the job ?

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Hi Peter, Yes sorry - I thought that might all sound a bit cryptic. Yes, I want the LFO to cycle uninterrupted for 128 steps starting when I launch the pattern.

But the track is 7 steps long. I tried increasing the pattern length but that breaks the rhythmic feature of running 7 steps against 16 on the other tracks.

I don’t know - please could you explain?

If u have a free trig, keep lfo in free mode but put a 1st trig with p-lock to lfo trig mode to start the lfo at the correct position, it will then stay in time

Off the top of my head, without my OT here:

  • without using an extra track, use TRIG = SYNC TRIG and SPD = 19, or

  • for precision, put the filter on a track with a neighbour machine that is 16 steps long.


Tcheck the manual : slide parameters

Another option. Resample the 7 step pattern.
Assign the 7 step sample loop to a 16 step track, with a trig on step 1, trig condition 1st.
Then youve got a 7 step loop on a 16 step track for your 16 step LFO thing.

Or you can use slide trig on the 16 step track for the same thing.


Maybe a Neighbor track with 1/2 scale ?
SYNC TRIG mode sync lfo to the beginning of a track.
Track 1 playing the 7 step pattern
Track 2 Neighbor with 1/2 scale SYNC TRIG mode lfo.

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Thanks for this suggestion - never thought to resample. I’m going to try using slide trigs with this, it sounds as though it should work well.

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Loads of great advice here - thanks for the feedback. I think combining one or two of your ideas is going should crack it. Amazing just how flexible it is.