A4 + Ableton

hello people!
excuse if this question may result banal for someone.
I don’t understand why, the a4 channels’ don’t appear in ableton live…
i plug it with the usb and in the global menu i have selected midi+usb, receve and send clock. In ableton, in the options i have set up any configurations, but nothing…
how can i do for appear the four channels of the a4 in ableton?

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There are two ways to go about it.
You could just select the A4 USB driver in Live, then audio will be available to the tracks.
Or you could keep using your audio interface, but use the Overbridge VST. If you do that, you’ll have to enable the individual tracks in the OB control panel if you want to record anything other the the stereo mix.

Since the drivers are part of the OB package, either way you are going to need to download that first…

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The Overbrdge software is in beta. If you are not part of the beta, these features are not available to you. If you are, you have to update the firmware on your synth then install the software/drivers to your computer. Also, you have to select USB mode as Overbridge. If this is not an option for you, you might have to wait or apply for the beta.

There is an OB forum here if yuo want to read along.

Well, it’s a public beta and AFAIK participation is not limited. And thedownload link has been shared here several times…

okey thank you, i will try to use overbridge!!