A4 Delay - instant/non-glide mode?

Pretty certain this isn’t possible but you never know… is it possible to have the Delay time jump instantly to new values rather than gliding to them?

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guess not

I was exactly asking me the same some minutes ago while listening a track of Trance from Airwave.
I don’t know, isn’t it an artefact ? Is it really gliding ?

Maybe It has to be audio recorded and then layered…

The A4/AK’s delay is a digital (mmm, aliasing!) version of a tape-style delay which will glide from one value to the next (the same effect is used in Ableton Live’s Delay device in Repitch mode). I was wondering if there might be a different ‘direct’ mode hidden somewhere for the A4/AK delay but nah. Would be great to see it (in DT too) but i won’t be waiting for it :slight_smile:

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