A4/Digitakt Sync Help

Hi guys,

I’m trying to get my Analog Four mkII (new to me!) to program change my Digitakt.
I’ve got the clock sync’d fine, but I can’t get the Digitakt to change patterns (program change??) in sync with the Analog Four.
I have them both set up for send/receive PC, but if I go from A1 to A2 on the Analog Four the Digitakt just stays in A1 (although the tempo will match.)
How do I get them to go;
A3-A3, etc?

Then, I presume there’s a way of doing this independently? So I can tell Analog Four’s A1 = Digitakt’s B8 for example??

It has me stumped…


You only need to have the Analog Four set to send and the Digitakt set to receive. You need to ensure that the AF sends the PC messages on the MIDI channel number that the DT uses to receive them.

You also need to ensure that DT pattern A01 has appropriate values of CH.LEN and M.LEN set in the SCALE menu.

There is not (without an intermediate processing device). The AF is relatively primitive in this regard.

I believe that you could do it the other way round (DT sending to AF) because the DT can send arbitrary PC messages. The downside of that arrangement would be that you can’t store pattern chains or songs on the DT.


@PeterHanes nailed it! :+1::+1:

Thanks Peter, that’s helped a lot.

I’ve got it working now, but as you pointed out, it’s not the sleekest way of working… When I’m jumping between patterns, the Digitakt seems like it can fall 1 or 2 bars back. It would be good if it would just change immediately, like the Direct Start the AF has.
But, as you said, I really wanted to use the AF’s chains/songs.

I’m considering getting them both to slave from the Arturia KeyStep Pro I have, but I think I’ll experiment with just these 2 for now and get a handle on that.
Thanks for your help. :+1:

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