A4 Input L only plays on left channel


i connected the Moog Werkstatt to the A4. It plays properly via CV/Gate sequencing on one track.
Moreover I want to use the A4 FX via input. So I connected the Werkstatt to the left Input of the A4.
OSC1 ist set to left input as well on the track I sequence from. But the input signal only plays on the left channel. Do I have to connect the Werkstatt to the right input as well (stereo)? For me it makes no sense because it is monophonic and I wanted to use the right input for a Minitaur. With my MD I could use both inputs monophonic so each input plays on both channels.
As things are Werkstatt would play on left channel and Minitaur on right channel in my A4. —grrrrr—
Any suggestions?

THX Denise

Did you set up PAN parameter to center on ‘Ext In’ parameters page of FX track?
To do this you have to activate FX track, then press ‘Osc1’ button with grey mark ‘Ext In’, and set pan to the center.
In general if you want to use A4 as a mixer + fx processor for ext gear you have to just connect your gear and set volume and pan settings in ‘Ext In’ page of FX track.

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T H X a lot. That was the solution. Didn’t know i have to pan the channels onFX.
You made my day. :smiley:

Just another question.
I only want to use the FX in subtle ways on external gear. When i turn down the FX track it works well for the external gear. But on the internal tracks of the A4 i loose the FX this way.
Any way to use FX independently on the inputs from the other tracks?

As you know, A4 has only one effect processor which works in send-return way. On FX track you have possibility to change Reverb, Delay and Chorus parameters of it and apply sequencing and automation using lfos etc + controlling inputs settings.

  1. To apply effects to internal tracks, you have to go to AMP section and adjust send amounts for needed effects (CHO, DEL, REV parameters).
  2. To apply effects to signal from external gear using A4’s inputs you have to go to ‘Ext In’ page of FX track and adjust send amounts for needed effects (CHO, DEL, REV parameters). That’s it. Also, as you can see for L and R inputs you can control sends amounts individually which means that you can connect 2 mono synths and add i.e. reverb for first synth and reverb + delay + chorus for second.

It’s very simple: just create new pattern, go to ‘Ext In’ page of FX track, set volume parameter to 100 for selected input and set pan to center, change value (send amount) of CHO, DEL, REV parameters and you will instantly have effects on you external signal. You don’t have to do anything with your internal tracks when you just want to add effects for external gear.

Also keep in mind that you use the same FX processor with the same effects settings on both internal tracks and inputs. As a result, when you change parameters of effect (i.e. reverb decay time) this will affect all tracks which use this effect (reverb in our case).

Read page 88 of A4 manual.

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THX a lot.
That works great.

Is there a way to centred a mono sound in the A4 the way you can in the octatrack? Right now everything is just left ear!!:slight_smile:

Adjust the pan.
Also, please read the manual (or even look at the ext input screen!).