A4 - Live 9 Sync Issue

Hey guys, just wondering if anyone has seen this before. I can get Live 9 and my A4 to sync up pretty tight with one exception. For example, with Live’s tempo set to 128 BPM, if I watch the tempo on the A4, the tempo bounces around from 127.8 to 128.2 and flips back and forth, and I cannot hear any audible fluctuations in tempo, accept for when I initially hit play on Ableton push, the Tempo starts at 140, and then jumps down to 128, and there is an audible difference in tempo for that quick moment. It’s really annoying when I want to start a sequence and Live at the same time.

Any ideas? Really appreciate the help.

My friend is using Live 9 and we had the same problem.

Unfortunately we didn’t find a solution for that.
Did you use the USB port of the A4 to sync it with Live?

I believe that Live does not send MIDI clock unless the sequencer is running. The A4 (and the MD etc.) will default back top their own internal clock after a few seconds of not receiving an external clock signal.

If your A4’s internal clock is set to 140 (for example) then you will get an audible jump when it receives the external clock at 128 bpm. It’s usually the clocked delays that react to the jump most obviously.

The way I got around it is to set the A4’s internal tempo to the same as the track you’re working on in Live. Then, when Live’s sequencer starts you shouldn’t get that big jump from 140 down to 128.

When I use the USB port the sync is way off. I am now using an M Audio Uno and the sync is much tighter. Am am going to sync the tempos as suggested in the post below and I will report back tonight.

That makes perfect sense. I am going to give that a try tonight when i get home. Thanks for the response, it is greatly appreciated.

Well matching tempo didn’t work, but after installing the 1.1 update, it’s no longer happening. Problem appears to be solved.