A4 mini keyboard default behaviour?

i’m trying to work out what the default behaviour of the mini keyboard is…

is it called legato?

i hold one key, press another, and when i release the second key it returns to the note of the first as if it was pressed again

i have ableton push which i like to use to play the a4, and i want it to have this same behaviour, except, it doesnt seem to play this way out of the box

No - it’s simply monophonic behaviour
It won’t do that if poly is on
Some keyboards allow last note, some highest, some lowest note priority
So if you try the same thing on a MiniMoog and a MS-20, it’ll play out differently

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It’s been a while since I got back about this, but I never managed to figure it out.

Does anyone know how I can make Push or Push2 utilize monophonic behaviour when controlling the Analog Four?

I’d imagine there are settings somewhere if I was using Operator or any other Ableton synth to achieve this (i recall something like this in some of Live’s presets), but simply directing midi notes out to the Analog Four, I can’t find a setting to change the synth behaviour settings of external instruments.

Anyone have any ideas?

Might direct to the Ableton forum if that’s the better place for this Q…

It doesn’t really have anything to do with the type of midi you are sending. The monophonic behaviour is determined by the number of voices the synthesizer has available to play when keys are hit.

Mono synths can only play one voice per key pressed. That is why the last note will be cut off by the new note. Having more than one voice will allow you to play chords. In the A4 these settings are found in the KIT menu under the POLY CONFIG area

Ah, thank you. I see.

Got it now.



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The MS-20 being the worst behaviour. You have to completely release the first note before you get anything out of the second. I hate it.

Ok one more Q:

I can now play monophonically on Push, but I’ve only just realized I cant record the release notes with neither the A4 keyboard, or Push. It sounds out correctly, but the release notes don’t record. Quantize on live record is checked to off.

In ableton devices this is the key area to keep an eye out for poly/mono behaviour

Most of the devices have a setting similar to this one on Analog

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Awesome thanks @Cocker

But yeah, can you Live record release notes into the A4 sequencer?

Which is to say, i press a note, then another, then pull off (to use guitar terminology), but it doesnt record the pull offs

The sequencer definitely records “Note on” and “Note off” for each key played

What you hear depends on the POLY CONFIG settings

The sequencer might however be quantizing your live recordings and this might also effect what your hearing

If it is, you may want to disable the quantize on record mode

More on that here

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Live quantize is off.

Also Portamento is off, Legato, is unticked.

EIther way, does the sequencer record legato or portamento? It doesnt seem to be for me.

Poly voices are off so its just each tracks individual voice as default.

Allocation is reset (not that should matter if voices are off)

No note-off values recording…

Talking just the A4 mini-keyboard here

Only if you try to play a lower note, it’ll play a higher note just fine … it takes a bit of flipping if you’re used to it being low note priority (or especially if you’re used to it being last note which would be much better for sure)

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Sorry to bother.

The way I interpret this is, its as if when you play the mini keyboard, that ‘note slide’ is automatically on, it sounds out when you play.

but this effect is not recorded in live record mode.

can anyone confirm the mini keyboard does not record as it sounds, and only records note on?

Ok. I think I got my answer here:


Guess its over to the feature request thread for me