A4 MK2 audio over USB and difference in sound

Hello everyone,

So today was the first day I tried audio-over-USB’ing my Elektron Analog Four MK2. I was working on perfecting my sounds on the A4 while monitoring the tracks and levels with a pair of Beyerdynamic DT-770 PRO 250 Ohm. After messing with my levels and parameters to my liking, I decided to feed all tracks via USB.

Long story short, the audio that I was hearing in Logic Pro X was not the same as the audio I carefully dialed in.

1.) The audio being sent out over USB is printing very low in the audio track in Logic - even with the USB gain turned up to +18. No clipping, but the bass pretty much vanishes.

2.) One particular track sounds very different - I hear lots of resonance via USB, but not from the main out using my DT-770’s. The resonance is purposely set to a point, but it’s not supposed to sound that high; it doesn’t sound that high out the main out.

3.) In order to record the FX being applied to the tracks, I need to use the main out tracks on audio channel 1 or 2 - pretty much blending all signals together.

4.) If I chose to eliminate Tracks 1-4 from the main out, their effects track still get sent to channels 1 and 2. Unless I eliminate the FX tracks in the audio routing settings page; effectively making this machine less fun and less intuitive.

Has anyone else experienced this difference in audio quality when record using audio over USB?

I bought this machine in order to compose a detailed sound, then audio-over-USB’ing my sounds effortlessly after dialing it in.

Am I missing something?

I’m one of those people who bought this machine 100% because of overbridge and audio-over-USB. My M-Audio Fast Track Pro is unsightly and is hard to balance the mono mic inputs when recording new instruments, so I bought a A4 to avoid buying a mixer and sound card.

This really sucks as a new Elektronner.


Have you seen this post? Its not solving your issue entirely but part of it was already discussed.


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