A4 mk2 & Model D minimoog

I thought of buying minimoog Model D
But can i use my cv out of my A4 to controll the Model D?
Can i sequence the Model D from my A4?
Can i use Lfo of my A4 to knobs of the model D?

Yes you can.

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I have tried it with no luck. Perhaps Im missing something. Thanks in advance for all the help. I really appreciated.

A4 CV OUT A (configured as Pitch v/oct) cabled with a TRS into OSC 1 V/oct (model d)
In global settings (as cv track)
Note 1----------C2
Voltage 1-----------0,000V
Note 2--------------C5
Voltage 2----------3,000V

I pressed Func and yes in order to hear the sound when I’m at global settings. No sound.

A4 CV OUT B (configured as Gate) is cabled with a TRS into Lc/gate (model d)

Again, than you :wink:

And when you’re just on the cv track and play a note or sequence? Also no sound?
Where is the moog audio routed?

Hi, and thanks for reply. I don’t have more cables at the moment, perhaps its something with the cables…

I have read about CV (totally noob in this aspect) and I think the configuration its fine. What do you think?.
By the way, I should listen notes with my A4 mk2 output if im not wrong, but im checking also model d headphones output just in case…

Did you remember to set the gate voltage for CV B? Default is 0.0V. Not sure if the Model D is the same, but the Mother 32 needs 5V.

A4 CV OUT B (configured as Gate) is cabled with a TRS into Lc/gate (model d)

Type ------Gate
Level------5.0 V

Thanks Expabrit2005, it was 5,0 V by default
Mmmm, getting weird…

My bad…sorry I have model D Behringer and he was talking minimoog…

My CV cables are TS, not TRS. The Y cable is TRS, but the individual cables that connect to it are both TS. Could that be your problem?

Hi Expat, think I will make a new post. He was talking on Minimoog. I have Analog Mk2 and CV outs are TS. Do you have Mk1?

Mine is an analog keys. In your first description of your problem you said cabled with a TRS, I was responding to that. Didn’t mean to cause any confusion.

It was my fault. Not yours :wink:

My set up are x2 TS from x2 Ts to Model d