A4 mkII losing expression pedal setting

I can’t save my expression pedal settings, i have to recalibrate on each power on. Ideas?

its not saved as part of the kit?

Modulation routings for the two control input signals are saved in the Kit.

Hardware configurations for the two control inputs are saved in a Global slot.

Are you saving both the Kit and the Global slot?


For me the same problem. Globals saved (project> globals > yes), kit saved. After restart A4 forgots Expression configuration.

They are aware of the issue so that’s great.

Plus I just figured out that if I have the expression pedal hooked up to the midi controller or synth that’s connected to the A4 mkii via midi , it recognize it and you can use it with the performances.
Also it transformed the sustain pedal into a on - of switch pedal

That means we can use like four or more pedals for performing