A4 mkII questions

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And I thought I knew I knew the A4 front to back. I had no idea you could retrig envelopes and LFOs with trigless trigs. Super useful for the ambient music I make.

Thanks for posting that.


And add Trig conditions in addition and … :slight_smile:

thanks for the link, @William_WiLD

slightly off topic:
regarding lfo´s. to bad that the lfo´speed could be crossmodulated.
ie. lfo1 mods lfo2 spd and vice versa… this would deliver more complex modulation signals.

btw. is it possible to shape the lfo? for example interpolating the random lfo (generated via hold trig).
so instead of a stairsteps we would get smooth transitions from one to the next random value of the lfo…

get smooth transitions from one to the next

Slide parameters between trigless trigs does not the job ?

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thanks, i will try it.

also i found the following in an other thread:

will send an feature request anyway.

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Having my first day with A4mkII. In general it has been what expected and more!

One question (which I have not found answer from manual):

Can I save a track sound straight to project “SOUND POOL”? I’ve just found a way that first save it to “THE +DRIVE SOUND LIBRARY” and then copy with Sound manager to Pool. Quite many steps if it’s like that…?

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@PLaine How about :

Yes + SND > Left Arrow : View Pool > Right Arrow : Yes : Name your sound / Tag


@PLaine Or…

Sound Manager > left Arrow : view pool > select slot > right arrow : Save TRK Sound


Hi again!

I have had my A4mkII for couple of days now. I like the sound a LOT!

But there are few down sides which make me even think about returning it:

This is the most crucial one: It seems to me that it can go out of tune. Sometimes more sometimes less. This is my first analog synth in many years and I am beginning to wonder that is this a “feature”, malfunctioning unit or a bug? I know I can be hypersensitive to tunings sometimes…

I noticed the same problem the 2nd time I used mine. But it was back to normal when I powered down and back up. It has not happened since (its been approx 2 months now, using it daily)

It happened to me once. I turned off the machine and back on again, and it has never happened since.

I’ve noticed that when I work a lot with sound locks, the instrument tends to sometimes freeze on that sound, and it’s spread out on all four tracks. This happens more frequently. It doesn’t overwrite anything, it just becomes the default selection for all four tracks - and it’s the sound I locked to, not the original sound on the track I was working on.

Turning off the A4 and back on again, also resolves that.

Perhaps the reason is the same, though. You work with something, tweak it a lot through p-locks or similar, and the machine just gets stuck in that tweak. Power it off, and back on again, and it’s unstuck.

Like one of them good old fashioned guru meditations on the Amiga.

it uses DCO so it should not go out of tune, this has to be user error (knocking tuning or similar) or a small bug.