A4 multimap problem

Hi Elektkronauts!

I have a problem on multi mapping program change of A4.

I set it correctly and send midi key from OT, and chromatic key by OT A4 reacts correct but when I set trigger, it doesn’t work.

I set from c1 to d#2, from A1 and 1 inc.
It should be corresponded 1 to 16, A1 to A16.

By pressing key all keys work but when I set trigger, some of them are not working and send wrong prog ch. (From C1 to up, A1, A1,A3,A4,A4,A6…)

Does anyone had same problem and know how to fix it?

Any solution?

I’m only guessing here but perhaps your midi note trigger in the OT isn’t being sent to the correct midi channel of the A4. Performance channel is channel 8 by default on the A4.

Hi, sorry for long time delay like a slow Dub!

But I set same midi channel, pretty sure.

And if it is the reason, so why it works with hand taping and why not on recorded sequence note.


Dumb Me.

It was because Midi arp set up.
I did same once for another function…

But Thank you!