A4 really quiet

not contributing anymore.

i dont have other boxes, just a4, and it is really hot outputs on my mixer !

jeah that is strange, my a4 is certainly not the quietest instrument connected to my mixer

Make sure all your volumes and levels are up.
Try a factory reset.
Update your OS.
Start with a clean project
Change out audio cable.

Have you tried calibration?

Maybe try a support ticket with elektron. How quiet is it compared to other boxes?

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Doesnt sound right.
Elektron support I have found to be very good. Just log the ticket through the website under your registered login.

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There is still that chance. Elektron will help troubleshoot perhaps better than some of us on this forum, or you could wait for more ideas from the gurus here.

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Yeah, having to crank to 10db (!) to hear the A4 properly is definitely not normal…

Sounds bad. I would Empty Reset + Factory Reset. I’m sure you tested with other cables…
Second hand ?

A4 is way quieter than the MD and Mono, those two are super hot and I could never get the volume knob past twelve O’clock without going into the red.


Depends what you’re going into, internally you shouldn’t normally get any clipping until the three-o’clock position on those two (though the Dynamix on the MD can make it happen earlier) but some mixers/interfaces/effects will clip at lower levels than that.

No internal clipping, just too hot into my mixer or interface when going past 12.
I’ve never used anything else with outputs that hot.

Depends on the headroom of your interface/mixer I guess. I set both at 3 o’clock into my mixer (actually it doesn’t distort in the mixer even at max volume, but I get internal clipping). I have to reduce that a bit if I’m putting it through an Eventide pedal (set to line level input) or something.

They are pretty hot, but my Roland System-1 is even hotter, I’d say. That’s quite easy to make clip internally if you crank all the oscillator levels up in the mixer, but the outputs are really loud as well.

I have an idea to compare : choose a basic factory pattern with quite high level sounds, without modify it.
Plug A4 straight in OT AB and turn the A4’s knob till Ot’s lights get red. Tell us your knob position.

I can check if that corresponds to my settings.
We can make futher tests but we can have the same references.

Calibration is more about oscillators, I think.
It’s still a good thing to do, just to have more accurate FM LFOs
Just do it once the unit is 2h warm.

Now for your particular problem : do you use balanced cables ?
And does your mixer accept these ?

I’d bet against these odds : 40% chances it’s the cables, 40% it’s user error, 20% is actually a default…

How is it through the headphone jack?

I’ve had several and I find them significantly quieter than other gear like the RYTM. Usually have to jack the mixer channel and gain stage. Particularly terrifying playing in clubs. I don’t think your machine is broken.
I got in the habit of including a compressor in my live rig.

:slight_smile: I have a Mackie too, but I don’t use it. I have to finish my music room. Anyway it’s better to test with same products (Ot and A4) with the same settings.
You can be also surprised by the difference with Md and Mono’s levels, which I don’t have.
In OT, levels are subjective, depending on samples. Except demos maybe.

Not sure why I try to answer A4 questions when I don’t have one, but for what it’s worth, on the Rytm when you initialize a new kit, the volume is super low compared to the factory presets, leaving headroom all over the gain stages. Have you tried with different factory presets? Also good point about the trimming, don’t forget to check the +4, -10 setting, -10 will be much louder.