A4 ----> Slim Phatty CV/Gate

Want to sequence a Slim Phatty with the A4 via CV/Gate, are the cables i need TRS like an insert cable (one with tip and the other with ring)

Or will unbalanced TS cables also work ?

I just did this with TRS cable, worked nicely. But I had to tweak the voltage out on the pitch a little to get it to not go out of key, I think maybe my SP is a bit fecked, but I don’t know for sure.

I think I used gate and not trigger, btw.

I used TRS, and it worked fine, but I couldn’t get the voltages right to keep the pitch increments correct.
Did you get it working in the end? If so, what voltage settings did you use?

I am also planning this setup, but i heard that SP needs quite good amount of warm up time… about 45 minutes, to stay in tune. but manual says 15 minutes.

I did get it almost right. I don’t think it had to do with the warmup, since my SP seems to go a bit off at odd times (sometimes when it’s warm sometimes when it’s cold).

I am not in front of the unit now, so I can’t check my exact settings, but what I did was simply playing a scale and adjusting it by ear at the same time. I think I increased the voltage by 1.18 or something like that… I’ll have a look in the studio tonight, but you should be able to do it (close at least) by ear (or you could use a tuner of course)

Let us know how you get along :slight_smile:

I had the same situation with Minitaur. I calibrated its oscilators but the reason was in A4. So I slightly change voltages to keep pitch increments. It’s not so difficult to do.

I had the same situation with Minitaur. I calibrated its oscilators but the reason was in A4. So I slightly change voltages to keep pitch increments. It’s not so difficult to do.[/quote]
Ah ok, well, good, I thought my SP was the problem. But you’re right, it’s not difficult, just keep playing a scale and tweaking at the same time :slight_smile:

TRS cables should work, as for the voltage for CV (pitch) that is certainly something i will keep an eye out if i get the same problem some got here with having to adjust it slightly.

I ran my SP up from the A4 when I 1st got it.
Yep, just console insert cables worked a treat, (1 x TRS - 2 x TS).
Didn’t encounter any tuning/calibration issues btw :slight_smile:

If you are having a pitch problem it is probably due to voltage.

SP manual states:

CV Inputs:
The Pitch, Filter and Vol (Volume) CV jacks supply power and will accept an expression pedal such as the Moogerfooger EP-2 (ring = +5.5 supply to the pedal, tip = variable CV return), or a control voltage from –5 to +5 Volts. The KB Gate Input accepts a footswitch (a momentary, normally-closed footswitch like the Moog FS-1) or a +5 Volt Gate Signal.

Sure. I guessed as much.
But when I tried to vary the V/Oct and Middle C voltage on the A4, I couldn’t seem to get the notes on the SP to scale in semi-tones.
To be fair, I didn’t try for very long, and I had planned to sit down and give it a proper bash in the near future.
I may not have allowed enough warm up time for my SP. It is certainly known to drift a bit over prolonged periods.

Personally I enjoy playing with sound in the warm up stage to create a bit of character…

It’s one of the things I like about the SP too.
Having to play with the fine tune every now and again is a reminder that it’s a proper breathing analogue synth.

So I had a play today.
Settings of 2.94v for middle C and 1.06v for V/Oct seemed to work.

Thanks, gonna have a go myself :slight_smile:

I did have to play a little with the middle C voltage over time to keep it in tune.
The V/Oct stayed at 1.06 though (for my unit at least, although I guess this could vary between units).

My SP is a bit strange, it totally broke down during a gig at Kater Holzig once, just refused to get in pitch (after over an hour warmup), and the problem was I was stupid enough to run it with midi via USB, so I couldn’t turn it off/on either… it sounded terrible so I just had to mute it for that track…

It also goes off suddenly in my studio, after hours on. But I am getting used to it now, so it’s not a big deal. Tune it as best I can and then just re-tune. I’ve had it calibrate, and have tried the auto tune, nothing helps, so better to leave auto off and just do by ear.