A4 through AR or AR through A4?

Anyone have both machines and run one through the other’s input? Is the only difference a choice between deciding whether you want chorus on your drums or distortion on your lead lines, are there advantages of choosing one way over the other?

AR thru A4, gain structure is way better!

Ar thru a4 at this point. Agreed. It’s just a bit easier to manage.

That said, I’ve lately realized the benefit of not running any elektrons into any elektrons. Get a good mixer and give them their own space. It’s worth it, utilize aux sends and alt outs for any processing of 1 to the next.

It makes such a huge difference.

i was hoping to run A4 into my yet to be recieved AR because i run my modular into my A4. might have to reconsider after hearing about the AR input issues

Yep, I agree this is the best way if possible. I run all mine independently then bus them to each other for processing, works a treat :slight_smile:

i certainly hope the input situation with the AR gets better. part of the !!! was the analog compression.

Fire up that DAW and hit record