A4 with logic pro x different midi tracks


there is a way to record the 4 tracks of A4 in logic pro x with 4 different midi tracks like trk1 midi ch1, trk2 midi ch2, trk3 midi ch3, trk4 midi ch4?

I tried “external instruments” plugin, with different midi channel but didn’t work, also in the track windows of logic pro x in the left, on MIDI channel. but no change.

My a4 is connect with midi and usb.


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You also need to enable each track in the A4 to send midi:

Fn + Track, then select “notes setup”, then select “send midi”

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Does this help?


So for example, three instrumental tracks Ch1, ch2, ch3, with 3 plugins external instruments set on midi1, midi2 and midi3, and 1 audio track with input from A4. I put different midi region in these three tracks so every track have different melody midi, so, I put Input monitoring from audio track and select the track instruments, so for example ch1 and play, after ch2 and play with my keyboards all is ok, if I want record midi, it is ok, I push on R in the midi channel and the track write midi on the track armed. but, if I want play only one region midi and so finally record in AUDIO track only ONE midi track, also with mute, all 3 midi region play in my audio track

So, I want record ONLY ONE INST 1 track without hear, in the audio 1 track, at the same time, all midi tracks. This is possibile only if I disabled all plugins “External Instruments” but I want avoid to disabled every time all plugins for record only one, If I push MUTE bottom, it is not work well and not mute the midi track, so I will hear always all the midi region of the 4 tracks midi of the 4 tracks of A4, playing in the audio track armed.

Can you help me ?

no way to mute the three midi tracks if I want play only one without disable every time the “external instrument” plugins ?


no reply?