A4MK2 vs Digitone

So, I have the A4MK2 and the Digitone and since I got the DN, I have been reaching for the A4 less and less. Been thinking about getting rid of the A4 and grabbing OTMK2. With that said, 2 questions: what interesting things can the A4 do, that the DN cant (outside of performance macros, and CV vs MIDI sequencing), and would anyone be interested in trading a like new A4MK2 for the OTMK2 haha

perhaps some info here

  • Song mode
  • Kits (without kit you may get odd jump in your sounds when you switch to another pattern using the same sounds, ie. if you’ve changed the filter from its original value)
  • FX track with LFOs and locks (can be worked-around somehow with midi loopback)
  • Processing external sounds through filter/overdrive/…

The Digitone can send the external inputs through the master overdrive and the send effects. Kits and the FX page p-locks and lfo’s are a pretty big one.
In terms of actual synthesis though, the DN can cover a lot of the same ground as the A4 with its sound engine and can go to so many more places. Trying really hard to maximize my gear potential within a minimal foot print, and since I know my next purchase is the DT, I’m wondering if I’ll be better suited with the OT instead of the A4 with the planned DT+DN combo.

A4 can go atonal.

Its surprisingly difficult to make really sour tones with the DN.


Classic analog subtractive synthesis, analog ladder filter with overdrive, analog multi mode filter. I mean it’s in the names… digital fm synth vs an analog synth…


I mean, obviously lol. I bought them both for the exact reasons you listed, but since I bought the DN I find I can cover a lot of the same ground with it, DN does classic subtractive sounds very nicely. Mostly looking for things I’m going to miss completely by losing the A4.

A4 also works really well for Analog Drums. It also can be used as up to 8 analog chained filters + drive + fx for external signal.

Grab an OT anyway !

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I’ve had the DT, the A4 Mk1 and A4 Mk2 and they have all moved on from my setup.

The DT was replaced with an OT Mk2 and the A4 Mk2 was replaced with another OT MK2 and a DN.

I make deep techno with quite heavy synth lines. The DN supplies everything I need and the OT offers the LFOs that the DN is short of at the moment.

All in all, the A4 Mk2 is a great machine with a beautiful sound but the DN is more immediate in my experience and I haven’t had any moments of “bugger, wish I still had it!”.

DN and OT is a great combo.



The A4 is not getting much love after the DN announcement, that’s for sure. So many sold theirs already and replaced them with a DN or something else. Makes me a bit sad, but I might have to do the same.

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Will trade my DN for an A4 mk2 - even trade

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Your sentiments are very similar to how I’ve been feeling since I got my DN. Glad to know I’m not the only crazy person thinking the A4 can be replaced without missing it later.

My plan right now is to trade A4MK2 for OTMK2, and then grab a DT for drums/oneshots for a total set up of DT+OT+DN. What made the DT jot enough for you? I’m a big fan of the immediacy that the digi- line offers, and I think for idea creation/jamming it will be ideal.

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DT + DG + OT2 is the perfect set up. I second that too… Might even add a AH for cherry on the cake. :sunglasses:

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I loved it and it sounded great but it didn’t really move me. I have Ableton Live 10 with a Push 2 and there was nothing the DT could do that I couldn’t achieve relatively easily in Live. I guess it wasn’t the game changer that I expect an external piece of kit to be. That’s not the fault of the Digitakt; it’s more to do with my way of working. Same ended up being the case with the A4 MK2.
When I replaced the Digitakt with the Octatrack . . . that was a game changer. To the extent that my Octatracks are now the centre piece of my set up. 99 percent of the time a track comes from them. They really are something special. Adding the Digitone has been a great combination.

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I have Baebleton 10 and Maschine here, so I feel that. I love using them for final production and arrangement, and tbh the DT def doesn’t do anything Maschine cant do easily except all I have to do is go into the studio and turn on the gear, no computer nonsense if I don’t want to. With OB looming, DT and DN both will allow me to easily multi-track my jams into fully produced tracks. I’ve had the OT2 in the past and I regret getting rid of it, such a dumb move on my part haha

Yeah, I lean towards performance rather than production so I never have an intention to mix down or master or even properly arrange my tracks. I try to make everything interchangeable.

As for getting rid of the Octatrack . . . Thankfully people seem to swap, trade, sell, buy etc. quite regularly. God knows I have. I think it takes a while to find what suits you best.

I’ll be using this set up for live performances as well, but for how stripped back my songs are (usually 8-12 tracks total, mostly percussion) i can get by with a dedicated drum machine and synthesizer + OT for stem playback/mixing/fx in a live scenario, and as a wicked sound design tool in addition to mixing/fx in the studio when I’m creating.

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I like the A4

i have both, the digitone is easier but sometimes cheesy, the a4 is harder to find sweet spots but feels so great when you actually achieve something, they are best friends really, with these two you have a broad sonic palette, they are very different sounding machines