Ableton as midi slave to the Octatrack

Hi, anybody have any experience with this?

Im testing out using the Octatrack as main brain in my setup these days, and in principle it seems like a good idea. Then i can have Ableton clips available and some channels, and at the same time be free of have to be attached to the computer.

However, im experiencing that getting the machine and the computer to cooperate is harder then it sounds. Sync is quite off, and not trustworthy. Even if i set midi delay so that the timing sounds right, its not 100% accurate. Sometimes its starts on beat, sometimes its a off.

Does anybody have any experiences to share regarding this kind of setup? Whats best practise to setting up a hardware setup, and using i.e ableton as a midi controlled sampler/synth?

In my experience Ableton’s midi sync will always be off when slaved. :neutral_face:
If feasible with your intended setup i recommend triggering clips/ drumracks with midi notes from the Octatrack’s midi sequencer.