Ableton + Digitakt

Hi all,

Pretty new to this whole digitakt thing. So forgive me if I ask something really obvious. I have ableton hooked up to my digitakt. I have know there can be latency etc. But before are start messing around with that. I noticed that when I hit playback in LIVE, then the digitakt will start playing ~1/4 note later. Is this a latency thing. Or another setting that needs to be changed?

BTW: I have my digitakt hooked up via usb midi/audio… since big sur&OB are not really working.

Is there are constant delay of everything (like it really starts playing 1/4 note later) or does “just” the first note not sound?

There are quite a few threads about the later problem (first note not playing) like this one:

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Aha… I guess that is the issue. After some messing around, I noticed it misses the first TRIG (or beat) sometimes. Not always though. Thanks for reply. I guess I will try to nudge the first step a bit.