Ableton issue... or is it

Not sure if this is an issue, but I updated the latest version of Ableton and now I have this issue:

If I put a glue compressor on a drum group, and I mute the kick, the overall loudness rest of the instruments gets really high… I might be really novice… or stupid, but during the few years, I have never experienced this. I understand compressor glues stuff together and but is this really normal… And no, I don’t have any crazy settings on the glue compressor – just tiny amount and still the hats and snares get loud.

Thoughts on this?

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I havent updated. No issues on the older version :face_with_monocle:

Can you roll back to see?

what do you mean - a glue comp at the end of a drum rack? is glue comp sidechaining?

No just glue comp on a drum bus. Nothing. No side chain what so ever. that’s why I’m confused :smiley:

maybe you could post a screenshot…

What I expect is that the bassdrum has quite a lot of energy (high volume and/or high bass content) and therefore is causing the comp to trigger hard and therefore compressing hard.
When you mute the kick the remainder of the audio passing through the comp does not have enough energy to trigger the comp. Hence, no compression happening causing the volume to rise

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Agree. Sounds like the threshold is set too high for the other drum elements to trigger it, but the kick is loud enough and there’s a long enough release set that it pulls down all the other elements that fall between the kicks.

Basically yes. Try reducing the volume of the kick before it hits the compressor, and reduce the release time of the compressor, and see if that changes the behavior you’re seeing.

Is your kick particularily subby with a long decay?

yeah, this was the issue. Funny that I havent experienced this before. I just started using Kick 2 and by default the kicks are quite long. thanks for the help!