Ableton project with 32 different scenes and mixes, M4L advice

Hi, I´have an Ableton project where I want each scene linked to my Elektrons´ patterns, using the Elektron Pattern Clips device from @Airyck. For now the idea is to have 32 “songs” in the project, each one with 4 different pattern, so 128 scenes.

But I want as well each “song” to have a kind of mix or plugin configuration different to the others. I´m trying to do it via dummy clips with chains but I´m getting crazy. I have to go clip by clip setting the automation of the chain selector and the Device On of Off of the chains (On for the rack of the chain for that “song” and Off for the other 31 chains). For some reason this is very hard to do and sometimes copy/pasting doesn´t work as expected so I have repeat this for most of the clips. You can imagine, 16 tracks * 32 clips * 32 automations for each clip, it´s painful.

So, the goal is having 32 different “songs” each one with its own “mix” and master chain.

Can anyone tell me how is the best way to handle this?

I tried some M4L devices from Tom Cosm but not sure if they will work for what I want.

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Following. Sounds like a good plan. Can’t help you though :grinning: Free Bump.

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Nothing wrong with the process. A bit tedious but it’s set and forget.
There must be m4l devices that toggle devices on/off when the chain is not selected. That could spare you some time. If not, I’m happy to offer help to code such a device.

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For me is like a way to produce, having all tracks in a single project instead of one project per track

So the project is empty and I can’t set and forget, I have to work there, creating clips, deleting, and so on.

Do you know how can I find such a M4L device?

I don’t know how to code but if you can help me I could try!

I heard about ClyphX Pro as well, but I created the project on Ableton 11 and it only supports up to version 10.

Maybe this devices could work, I´ll try them:


Chain Per Scene 1.0

EDIT: I tried them and I suppose I´m unable to make them work for now. I don´t know if it´s due to you have to put them right before the rack that contains the chains but I have an external instrument and an utility between.

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Are you on live 11 ?
My guess is they are broken because the chain selector is now parameter 17 instead of 9!on racks because of the 16 macros.
Easily edited !

Yes, Ableton 11…

Do you think is difficult to create a M4L Device to control the chains of all tracks depending on the scene?

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Relatively easy.

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I wanted to try a mic, the camera and the OBS so I recorded a video explanation to show you my setup and goals. It´s a bit long, I apologize, speaking in English and hearing your voice doubled is extra effort :laughing:, I couldn´t be more concise.

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