Ableton question: info/video about proper project saving and using external SSD

Hoping anyone wants to help with some advice/explanation.

I love gear demos/tutorials, but for some reason Ableton and YouTube do not get along for me. So instead of browsing YT in the hope of finding something good, I hope to ask here.

  • Can I use an external SSD as storage location for multitrack recording?
  • Do I set that via “temporary folder”? Some video said that.
  • I never really understand the Ableton projects architecture. What’s a good practice/workflow for this? Should I just make a new Set for everytime I make a recording? Or a new Project? What’s the deal with those?
  • more to be aware of?

If these things aren’t easily answered I’d be happy too if someone would just share a good tutorial - I just can’t bring it up anymore to sift through 5 other ones that seem not to be exactly what I need:)

Thanks in advance

Not only is it possible—it’s recommended!

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Okay this was pretty clear! Thanks a bunch @Mistercharlie

It also clarified again why I had trouble remembering the sets/projects architecture, as that’s the opposite of how sets and projects work in OT.