About the new OLED screen

Same here!

That’s why a lot of people were experiencing motion sickness and headaches when the iPhone X came out, which is equipped with an OLED screen, which on it’s own is not a problem, but Apple decided to use PWM in a lower(?) frequency, so that in the edges of the screen, some people notice a flickering of brightness in the edges of the screen, so that some consumers went back to older models. There is a thread on Macrumors with thousands of posts by people suffering by that …

I never tried the newer Elektron models, but didn’t have problems with devices like the OP-1, so there are definitely ways to do it right :smiley:

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I have actually got the digitone in the meantime, so to my anxious eyes, there is noticable ‘rolling shutter’ flicker, also on all the trigs and buttons, but it does not bother me that much, maybe because I see it as a digital synth. Also the yellow color is quite nice. I haven’t tested how the oled flicker works with some shrooms yet.

With my analog 4 mk1, I prefer the old style with slower led-s and slow screen, feels more natural, less digital.


A great video on this here:

It’s about video timestretch? :sketchy: