ADAM A7X buzzing sound

My 10 year old Adam A7Xs have started to produce a buzzing sound that comes from within the speaker, and I’m trying to figure out what is causing it. I placed my phone’s mic on top of the monitor, and as you can hear, the hum seems to cut out every few seconds. I’m guessing its a component, maybe coil noise from the transformer. Both have the issue but one of them is louder. Its not so much an issue when music is playing, but its noticeable with quiet passages.

If anyone has had a similar issue, either with the Adams or other monitors, please let me know if there is a way to eliminate, or what to look out for if I take it apart.

Oh and I tested it with different locations, cables attached, not attached, different plugs etc but the sound still remains.


I have Eve Audio SC205 monitors, which are obviously alike design, that developed similiar noise, than started to have problems with powering up and eventually stopped working few months ago. I didn’t have time to send them for repair but communicated with the manufacturer and distributor and both said the problem is within power supply, most likely some capacitor in that circuit.
Not sure, maybe it could be this. I think most of problems with monitors and combos have to do something with power supply which in turn have most likely something to do with these capacitors…

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Sounds like it could be a ground loop maybe?

I had the same issue with one of my A7Xs some years ago, fortunately they were still in warranty so they repaired it for me, it was a power supply issue.

Also had odd noises with one of mine and had it repaired by them. I probably wont get this brand again . The repair was free and didnt take too long

Thanks. It sounds like it’s likely a power supply issue then. I’ve sent Adam audio UK a message, will see what they say.