ADAT In Interface (DAC)?

So. I think the Audient ASP800 looks like a great option to add more ins via ADAT, but what interfaces are about to add more outs? Do they even exist? Is google hiding them from me as part of a globalist conspiracy?

Or is it just there for DAT? I guess I can use the E-MIU0404 I use as an extra midi in/out more ins via ADAT, but where are the 8 out rack units?


Ferrofish Pulse 16?

You’ll need something like a RME RayDat to pipe signals to it via ADAT.


Cheers. Why do I need the extra RME interface? Could I not just 8in/8out from the Babyface? I’ve never used ADAT, if that wasn’t obvious. It looks like the thing I’m looking for though.

Ah, yes, didn’t realise you had the Babyface. I take it the Babyface has one ADAT in and one out?

The Ferrofish can handle 2 ADAT ins and two outs, so 16 ins and 16 outs via ADAT.

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This might fit the bill.

Behringer ADA8200 Ultragain


Yeah one in one out. Hmm ok. Cheers, I will look into that, I’m a bit dubious of Circus Logic converters as my only experience of them was in the Native Instruments interfaces, though I know their are different tiers of converters and it matters just as much how they’re implemented.


Yeah I did see that and soundonsound said it was pretty good, I want something I’m never going to need to replace though so I don’t mind spending as bit more.

As a Babyface owner myself, I have often seen this question and it appears that Behringer may be the only game in town?

You can do it with a few of the MOTU interfaces.

But I was looking for something purely tailored to adat in 8 analog outs out, basically to get the best quality components for the lowest price as there would be no other components to put the price up. I may as well just buy a Fireface UC, but considering you can use multiple RME devices it makes the ADAT feel a bit pointless for me.

I’m using it with my RME Digiface USB.
I never had a single problem with this combo, they both work great togheter!


Do you feel the audio quality is as high as the RME?

One of the features of the Behringer unit is:

" All Mic/Line inputs routable to ADAT outputs, all ADAT inputs routable to Line outputs".

Do the Motu and Ferrofish units have the same feature?

Yes of course, what would be the point of a unit where you couldn’t route ins to outs?

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OK thanks, its just that Thomann states this feature for the Behringer unit but not for the Motu or Ferrofish units.

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Audio quality remained at high levels, compared to the RME Fireface 802 that I had before.

RME make a bunch of converters. Do none of them fit the bill?

RME Fireface UC as main interface and Moth 828 MK2 as adat expansion.

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Not price wise no :slight_smile: Best bet might be to just try and get a UC on the cheap and use both and then use the ADAT to send CV via a Motu 828.

I guess I’ll just see what comes up. The ins are the important ones as that’ll be from mixer direct ins. Apart from just experimentation and utility I would have liked too be able to run DT via OB back in to mixer as separate channels then record. I may already have a solution that bypasses the need for that anyway. I can already just run it in OB and send it to the mixer as a a stereo group but have the MPC clock run everything sync wise.

Cheers everyone.

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I have two of the behringer ada8200. They work, and I don’t notice a difference to my rme ins and outs. I’m absolutely happy with them, especially for the price.

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I am looking for a solution to expand the number of outputs of my Babyface pro fs interface via ADAT.

I don’t need the physical inputs and outputs for connecting synths etc. I just need the separate outputs in my DAW (Cubase 11 pro), as I work with a lot of my own sample loops and having more outputs gives me more control when combining them.

Would the RME ADI-2 FS fit the bill, all be it the top end of what I would like to spend. I am on a windows machine.

Any recommendations or solutions would be appreciated