Adding “local control off”function for hardware without it

Anyone have an idea on how to get a “local control off” function for a Roland Sp-555? The manual says it does not support it from the front panel or midi message. But I figure there should be a way to get a similar function with some midi plumbing.

Basically trying to prevent midi loopback that’s triggering the sample twice with every pad press. The best I’ve thought of is using a Midipal to route every other incoming message to an empty midi channel. Ideally I’d want an easy way to it on/off

The thread title doesn’t really make sense, because when there is no “local control off” function you cannot add it to a piece of hardware (unless you start to modify the hard- and firmware).

Since you really mean “how to suppress midi loopback”: why do you get the loopback in the first place?

A midi processor which can filter out unwanted midi messages should be a kind of last resort.

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I’m getting midi loopback using the sp-555 with the squarp pyramid. Simply turning on the anti-echo on the pyramid won’t work because it’s applied by midi port not by channel.

Essentially I’m switching the sp-555 to the pyramid’s omni midi channel in order to record sequences with the sp acting as the “master controller.” Then switching back to the sp’s normal output channel when I’m not recording to the sequencer. Playing the samples on the sp-555 rather than the pyramid is better for velocity control and knowing where the samples are.

I’m not sure how that would solve anything. Everything you hit on the SP itself is going to play on the SP, so you wouldn’t want any incoming messages to arrive except when it’s coming from sequencer playback.

If the pyramid has a shortcut for turning echo on/off that’d be handy for you. Too bad it’s in the settings only. Or, like you said, if it could be turned off for a single channel.

Yeah good point, I think the main issue is the pyramid will no longer let me use it’s ratcheting beat effect on the sp-555 with anti-echo on. Which is half of the appeal using them both together really.

Maybe setting up a midi filter that uses a note on message from the omni channel, to swallow the same note message coming back to the sp-555 for a millisecond or so. Therefore notes from the pyramid’s midi delay would still flow through.

Hmm, it should only kill the ratcheting if you have it on “auto”. You shouldn’t need auto, since that’s for eliminating midi loops, which is not your issue (the SP isn’t sending back out what it’s receiving). You only need to set the echo to on or off. On when recording for other instruments, off when recording (or playing) for the SP.