Adjust fractional amount of HOLD

The HOLD parameter on the AMP page has a decimal place, which implies you can adjust fractional amounts.

I can’t see a way to adjust that.

I want to try adjusting HOLD by small amounts to remove clicking in recordings. The clicks are at the end of my recordings, so ATK is no help here. And, I am aware of all the other techniques for removing clicks.

Is there a way?


Use the audio editor, trim the sample. If there is a click, you will see it on the wave form if you zoom in a bit.
Alternatively you could set a lower hold time, and reduce the release so the amp env terminates before the click. I use this method when using sample chains.

Using the amp env hold (aka sustain) as the sole means to remove clicks at the end of a sample, would not remove clicks, unless you can perfectly line up the hold value so the sound terminates at a zero crossing.

Most of the time I set Hold to minimum value and decrease RELease to taste using slices, to eliminate clicks or for special short Decay/Release fx.

Thanks for the replies, guys. The HOLD and REL thing works well.

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