Adobe Audition… poo or really poo?

Hi everyone! I have Adobe CC and with it… Adobe Audition. I have heard quite a bit of Adobe hate in general over the years but not much of anything regarding Audition.

I was thinking of diving into it since I already have it but I wanted to see what your opinions were.

I pretty much just use Digtakt, Digitone, and MS, and I’m used to using Garage Band for music stuff so… yeah

I used it a few years ago. I liked it a lot: useful, usable. I hate their fee structure, especially when this is the only app I want, and only occasionally.


I used it in a very basic manner.

I think it could be setup with bpm and snap/grid values, making it easy to grab step/bars if audio accurately.
But I mostly use audacity …in a very basic way to append mixes together.
It’s free .

audacity development team also do their best to have that UI/UX feeling of a cheap shareware from 1992 :upside_down_face:

Audition is a nice app! But if you want something cheaper / without paying monthly for that shitty adobe cloud + tons of other apps nobody asked for, maybe have a look at Reaper. Top notch!


Audition has some things that it’s very good at, and some things it’s not very good at.

For music production, I would use any of the standard DAWs before Audition. I use Reaper myself.

For post-production and podcast work, Audition is extremely capable. It has built-in noise reduction tools from izotopes and, unlike Reaper and many other DAWs, has a destructive editor. All the non-musical editing work I’ve done has been in Audition. Most creative types will have the Adobe Suite so it’s a good common denominator when working with others.

I’ve made more money using Audition to do “professional work” than by any music I’ve made, so that eithers speaks to its usefulness or the quality of my music. Either way, I’m a fan of it.


I use Audition pretty frequently for short film sound editing & design.
Never thought about using it for music production as I think Reaper is a much better music tool (and it’s really cheap!)

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I’m actually wanting to use it for video projects in the future. I’m going from imovie to Adobe Premiere

Might as well use Audacity. Okay it looks horrid but it’s free and you’re not supporting Adobe’s egregious subscription thievery.


Why Premiere… if you move maybe look into Davinci Suite (which is for free) and also has a neat audio editor aaand world class colour correction in one


As someone that worked on audio interface testing on the earlier versions of Audition, witnessed the BS approach to development and QA, I would rate it Ultra-POO!


Loved Cool Edit (seem to remember I actually preferred the earlier 96/2000 versions but that may be rose tinted glasses!) - had such an intuitive UI and just right amount of features.

I now use OcenAudio ( for my fairly basic audio editing needs, it feels quite a lot like I remember Cool Edit being - quick and lightweight. It’s free (though not open source), I definitely recommend it as an alternative to Audacity - it also looks much nicer if you’re a bit design sensitive :joy:


I use Audition quite a lot for cleaning up audio, surgical cuts, analyzing, batch processing, sample accurate multitracking (I’m looking at you Ableton) … It has a great set of tools.

But the problem with Adobe is that they buy IP en masse and slap on their awful UI design, together with a bunch of bloat and bugs and then just leave it be. Audition would be amazing if it actually evolved rather than collected dust.

Wish I could find something better in some ways, but generally I’m ok using Audition for this type of more surgical audio work. Is there even a real alternative? WaveLab??

Unfortunately these kind of audio editors are more or less out of style, but so so necessary. DAWs just don’t cut it for this kind of precise audio editing.


It was great when it was CEPro! Miss that quite a bit tbh.


I got an adobe subscription for dirt cheap so I was just checking to see if I like their video and audio editing stuff, how well they play together etc

ha ha a new level of poo

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I use it in work for audio recording but not for music. Capturing noise print is handy and easy to set up for podcasts etc

I use it for work - it’s good for what it does - specifically editing audio that’s integrated with premiere and after effects.

What ess said about adobes approach to software I agree with. They seem determined to ruin all of their decent software with bugs and features no-one needs, and develop new bits of software for the suite - rather than pushing what they have into the future. Looking at you illustrator.

I might have to give Audition a try for this. I’ve been using Ocenaudio for it, but for some reason the wave display becomes inaccurate at high zoom levels.

Wavelab is one of the greatest human successes on earth.

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Hey look- its a new poo review! :smiley:

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