Advice for next gear piece

I have many samplers… and electron gears, mixers, (a few okay fx pedals), various recording mediums and mic’s… and other synths…
But I have nothing like component parts such as eq, compressors, fx racks and such… I’m curious what you folk would recommend… me get next… I don’t need guitars, or synths… but maybe a compress, or fx rack or something similar nature… thx

It sounds like you have plenty of stuff to make music with no?


Do you record using a DAW or anything?

I’m personally of the belief that recording software is totally totally fine…spending hundreds (thousands sometimes) on rack mount equipment that you have to set up and configure is pricey, a pain in the ass, and a bit old fasioned.

Ya but my birthday is coming up lol…


Make an album for your birthday.
It’ll be a far greater gift to yourself.


Sell it all but keep one machine
Master that machine .

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I think that sometimes, but I could never sell my guitars

My experience is that most outboard non-soundgenerating hardware is obsolete if you mix in a daw anyway. I hardly if ever use my stuff. What I do use though is my midiverb2 as it just sounds so different and no plugin does what it does. And it’s as dirt cheap as it is dirty

If you mix otb then the question would be what you are missing.

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My setup is DAWless… I use my IPAD on occasion

If you have lot of money, and absolutly want a rack, I suggest you to take a thing like that:

Then buy mastering softwares, a rackable soundcard and send your mix in the box.

For an OTB setup, I’d be looking at reverb and compressors.

If you really want to spend some money, I know Jeremy from Red Means Recording runs all his tracks through this unit. Expensive though. Has circuits for API and Neve style compression I believe.

If you want something cheap, go with @loopdude’s advice and pickup an old Midiverb 2 or a Quadraverb. Nice, dirty verbs and can be had for $40 - $60.

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How much do you want to spend?

There are some beautiful) all-in-one processing boxes now: overstayer modular, ssl fusion…Or maybe a lunchbox and some 500s…Or a TC Fireworx…

Get an Analog Heat and a Quadraverb. Those two between them have done more for the quality of my music making than anything else I own.


Get a tape delay and a VHS

What about a looper like the Korg chaos or or similar?..or better?

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For many fx in a box theres the Line 6 Helix stomp.

I have one and wrote up thoughts and review here a while back:

Not compression, but mic/line preamps and beautiful ones at that along with a bax style EQ. How much that’s going to change your overall sound? That’s subjective and it doesn’t create miracles. If you’re chasing the last 5-10% of your overall sound than it’s for you and the more times you use it (tracking, mix bus duties, mastering, etc) it’ll be cumulative. I use it primarily in a mastering context and it’s something I’d never let go.

Some better 1st pieces might be an EQ and/or compressor (ideally both) for flexibility in both recording and mixing. I’d go with the Elysia Xfilter and Xpressor (either rack or 500). That would be a good step up and entry point. Not really character pieces though some vibe, but flexible and useful. Then start to look at more character pieces. Analog Heat is great and reasonably priced (in the scheme of decent quality outboard) if you like saturation and/or distortion.

IMO, delays and reverbs ITB are totally fine (sound/quality wise) unless you just want that tactile experience and I can’t knock or discount anyone for that. Mixer might be very useful as well and the SSL Six is worth a look for something better than mid tier.

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i am old fashioned… cant work in front of a pc… i personally dont like it

2nd the mention on the korg KP3.
Always inspiring.
Even better with a kp mini 2 strapped on the back. Or two kp3s.

I use a lexicon reverb in that chain too.
Love that. It’s a Reflex but any lexicon rack will give amazing reverb.