Advice - How would you set this lot up for live?

Midi Chains with more than 3 Units in a row could introduce some Midi Clock Sync issues. Better spread the Midi Signals via a Midi Router. Bome BomeBox e.g. or Midi Solutions Midi Router to Split a Clock from one IN to two Outs. There are also bigger Solutions from Motu e.g. with more INs and more OUTs.

The MPX has four midi outs so you don’t really need a midi router. I would spread all your devices equally across the four midi outputs. I’ll probably pair a drum to a mono synth per output. For example MPCX midi out 1 > Analog Rytm > Monostation, midi out two > RD-8 > TD-3. Then pair your two polys to you remaining monos. For example A4>MS. Your two midi controller can control Ableton or even the MPC can control Ableton in Ableton mode. You shouldn’t have any real Issues with latency issues as long as you stay away from using internal synths in Ableton, the effects will work fine.


Ok I’ve finally got setup with fewer synths that I can play with here. It’s a pain setting stuff up to record in to Ableton but bit by bit it’s coming together.
I can only use the MX12 at the moment as I just ordered a cat6 extension to hook both together, so far so good… Only Medusa playing up grrr… anyways here is my little setup.


Yeah that’s what I just did as you were typing lol, thanks for the advice mate I really appreciate all input here :slight_smile:

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My advice would be to build shelves so that you can get a more compact setup (see my own here).

Beware, though: it makes some room for mer :smiley:

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Your setup is fantastic, yeah shelves may be the answer for me, I’ll do some measuring up later this week… :+1: